Kings County Office of Education

Todd Barlow, County Superintendent of Schools

  •  Kings County Office of Education28,000+ Students, 13 Districts,  1 Mission


    The Kings County Office of Education shares a singular mission with our districts, schools, staff and community:

    to support student learning.

     We are committed to providing students and staff with excellence in education, ensuring that our districts have the support they need, and their staff can conduct the very important business of... changing children's’ lives.

    In addition to providing academic and fiscal oversight on behalf of our districts, the county office of education serves as the lead agency for moderate to severe special education services, provides new teacher training, conducts administrator certification, offers foster youth services, homeless services, career technical education options, and technology services.

KCOE Spotlights

  • County Board of Education Appoints New Trustee

    Todd Barlow, County Superintendent of Schools, administers the Oath of Office to newly appointed, Tawny Robinson, representing Trustee Area 3.

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  • Kings County Spelling Bee

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  • Excellence in Education

    Master of Ceremonies, Todd Barlow, County Superintendent of Schools, acknowledged tonight's ceremony is for the sole purpose of honoring and recognizing educators in Kings County. Barlow stated educators share one common thread and that is to ensure student learning regardless of job titles. All nominees display excellence and a love for what they do. Congratulations to Administrator of the Year, Ben Luis, Liberty Middle School, Lemoore; Employee of the Year, Jose Antuna, Kings County Office of Education; and Teacher of the Year, Isaias Ramirez, Corcoran High School.

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Kings County Quick Facts

  • County Population:
    152, 982 (2010 Census)

    28,353 (cited: 2018 CBEDS)

    Public Schools:
    34 Elementary 
    9 Middle Schools
    6 Traditional High Schools
    12 Alternative High School Programs
    (cited: Public Schools K12)

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  • Our Mission


    Promote prevention and safety at school and school related activities;
    Promote collaboration and communication between educational and business industry, service agencies, and community;
    Promote and deliver instructional programs that ensure positive individual pupil performance;
    Provide technology, fiscal, and other operational support to schools in Kings County;
    Promote and further a positive work environment through communication and mutual respect;
    Promote and conduct ongoing professional development for all staff, based on identified needs.

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