Outdoor Education Program

  • We are now booking for the 2021-22 school year!


    Contact Laura.Lutz@kingscoe.org for more information or submit an application for your field excursion!


    Students are introduced to the wonder of nature using LOCAL flora and fauna to learn the importance of caring for and conserving our natural spaces and resources. Nature is not a destination - it is all around us! A variety of outdoor lessons have been designed for grades K-6 to explore the Next Generation Science Standards through hands-on, phenomena based investigations. 

    Students spend the day immersed in nature, indulging in their curiosity and connecting local, real world situations with classroom instruction to develop a greater understanding of their environment. Each grade level has unique lessons that directly focus on a performance expectation and disciplinary core idea using the 5E model of instruction. Science and Engineering Practices are developed in STEAM challenges where students work collaboratively to plan, develop, build, and test prototypes while working under material and time constraints. Mini-lessons in the 2 acre wildlife meadow directly address Crosscutting Concepts, giving students intentional practice to develop an understanding of the themes that are common to all scientific disciplines.

    In addition to our standard curriculum, we are happy to work with teachers to develop unique content that fits the needs of your classroom. We also have a Greenhouse available for long term student and teacher projects.