J.C. Montgomery School

  • JC Montgomery Logo: Helping students chart a new course - growth, trust, fairness, inspiration

About Us

  • Kings County Office of Education in conjunction with the Kings County Probation Department operates J.C. Montgomery School and serves incarcerated youth in Kings County. The purpose of J.C. Montgomery School is to provide high quality education and personal growth opportunities to incarcerated youth in a challenging, safe and supportive learning environment.


    School Vision

    J.C. Montgomery will help students to chart a new course by building a trusting and fair environment that inspires student growth and success.

    School Mission

    J.C. Montgomery will support student learning through culturally responsive and trauma-informed teaching practices. J.C. Montgomery will take an assets-based approach that identifies the strengths and personal goals of each student.

    J.C. Montgomery Program Information (Includes AB 748 Update)

J.C. Montgomery School Directions

CA Healthy Youth Act

  • The California Healthy Youth Act requires school districts to provide students with comprehensive, accurate, accessible, and inclusive comprehensive sexual health education and HIV prevention and education, at least one in high and once in middle school. Please click here for facts about this program. Please click here to view the notification letter, which was mailed home to parents/guardians.

    La Ley de Juventud Saludable de California requiere que los distritos escolares brinden a los estudiantes educación integral, precisa, accesible e inclusiva sobre salud sexual y prevención y educación sobre el VIH, al menos unaen la  escuela secundaria y otra en la escuela intermedia. Haga clic aquí para obtener información sobre este programa. Haga clic aquí para ver la carta de notificación, que se envió por correo a los padres / tutores.

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