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About the Program

  • Burris Park Outdoor Education is a collaborative effort of KCOE, the Burris Park Foundation and the County of Kings. During the 2019-20 school year, schools will have an opportunity to experience standards-based outdoor education activities in this beautiful setting in the northeastern portion of Kings County. There are different lessons for different seasons; this means that having outdoor education during both fall and spring highlights the way weather affects the park and its wildlife. Also located on the grounds of the park is the Kings County Museum. The museum has Native American artifacts, as well as many objects illustrating the history of the area.

Plan Your Trip

    1. Complete the appropriate Outdoor Education Application link found below and to the right of this webpage.
      Application for Use of Burris Park Outdoor Education Program
      Application for Use of Burris Park General and Recreational
    2. Submit the application via email to jean.goulart@kingscoe.org or FAX to (559) 589-7018 Attn: Jean Goulart
    3. Receive confirmation email and phone call to finalize

    The Outdoor Education Program Naturalist, Jean Goulart, will lead the day with active involvement from classroom teachers. Specially designed  curriculum for fourth, fifth and sixth grade is available for review on this website. Contact Jean Goulart, the Program Naturalist to discuss requests for  alternative programs and grade levels.

    Program Fees: The Burris Park Outdoor Education Program is provided at no cost to all Kings County schools courtesy of Burris Park  Foundation

    Times: The program is offered Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. August through June, excluding school holidays.

    For more information about outdoor education or visiting the park, contact Jean Goulart, the Outdoor Education Program Naturalist at 707-494-8893 or jean.goulart@kingscoe.org or visit the website: www.kingscoe.org/burrispark

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  • Burris Park

    Jean Goulart, M.A.
    Outdoor Education Program Naturalist

    Address: 6500 Clinton Ave.
    Kingsburg, California 93631

    Phone: 707-494-8893

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