Parts of Trees
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    • Burris Park is FULLY BOOKED and no longer accepting reservations for 2022-23. 
    • Click here to inquire about the 2023-24 school year. 

    General Information

    • Admission is FREE for all students.
    • Mileage is REIMBURSED for Kings County and may be available for outside counties.
    • Grades K-8 have UNIQUE, grade-level appropriate, NGSS-aligned activities.
    • Open Monday - Friday from 9:00am - 1:00pm for the Outdoor Education Program.
    • For non-educational use, please contact the County of Kings Parks & Grounds Department

    Staff and Student Visitor Expectations

    • "Staff" refers to any personnel brought by a visiting school site.
    • Staff and students are expected to adhere to the professional and behavioral expectations set by their school sites.
    • Staff are to remain with students.
    • If there is a student who would benefit from constant adult proximity, bring a chaperone or a staff member to remain with them.
    • Students will conduct themselves in a polite and positive way to engage in learning. Visiting staff will monitor and assist students in maintaining behavior expectations.

    Field Trip Expectations

    • 3 classes of the same grade per trip is the preference.
    • If your group is larger than 3 classes, attendees will be split into 3 equal groups. Teachers will select who's class will be split prior to attending.
    • Daily group sizes should be approximately 100 students to ensure a positive experience.
    • Groups consisting of multiple grade levels in the same group will not receive a unique experience for each grade level; the science activity will be chosen by BPOE staff.
    • Contact for special events such as field days, intersessional trips, club trips, weekend trips, or to develop a unique excursion to meet your school needs.

    Suggested Gear

    • Wear clothes that can get dirty.
    • Wear close-toed shoes.
    • Check the weather and bring appropriate layers and sun protection.
    • Bring water bottles.
    • Refer to your district policy for mask use.


    • The entrance is on Clinton Ave, not Burris Park Dr and is next to Fire Station 1.
    • 6500 Clinton Ave Kingsburg CA 93631


    Laura Lutz
    Naturalist, Outdoor Education Teacher

    (559) 589-7019