About Us

  • Kings County Office of Education in conjunction with the Kings County Probation Department operates J.C. Montgomery School and serves incarcerated youth in Kings County. The purpose of J.C. Montgomery School is to provide high quality education and personal growth opportunities to incarcerated youth in a challenging, safe and supportive learning environment.

    School Vision

    Alternative school students will become confident, cooperative, responsible and respected citizens, who achieve personal and academic success, develop social skills. learn to get along with others and become productive members of the community.

    School Mission

    Alternative Education Students will:

    • Structure and discipline
    • Learn the importance of strong ethics and good character
    • Understand the relevance of education to daily living
    • Become more confident and universally aware
    • Develop essential skills and problem-solving strategies
    • Set goals and plan for the future utilizing individual strengths
    • Continue a lifetime of learning​

    Alternative Components

    • Strong emphasis
    • ROP Career Advisors
    • Career Awareness/Job Skills Class
    • Technology
    Safety Components
    • Metal Detectors
    • Surveillance Cameras
    • Dress Code

J.C. Montgomery School Directions

Contact Us

  • Phone:
    Office (559) 589-2623

    FAX (559) 582-5367


    1450 Forum Dr.
    Hanford, CA 93230

J.C. Montgomery School

  • Juvenile Corrections Kings County Probation Dept.