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  • District Business Services 

    • District Business Services provides assistance with accounting, state reporting, and school district oversight for the school districts in the county.  Communication and collaboration are required with the districts and other agencies, including the Kings County Treasurer and the California Department of Education.  
    • The County Office is mandated by Education Code to provide fiscal oversight of each school district in our county.  This is accomplished by regular review of district financial reports.  The County Office is required to certify that the districts will meet minimum state financial standards. 
    • Payroll services are a critical part of ensuring proper retirement reporting and tax withholding.  The team is responsible for reviewing all district payrolls, transmitting retirement data, and assisting districts.  The County Office prepares all employer tax reports, including W-2s.

    School Service Fund

    The largest division in the department is the County School Service Fund.  It provides business services to all County Office departments.  Paying vendors for services and supplies, payment of salaries, budget preparation and review, depositing funds, fixed asset inventory, and preparation of state and fiscal reports are all responsibilities of the division.

    Maintenance and Operations

    Operations require janitorial, utilities, and maintenance of nearly 100,000 square feet of space to meet the needs of our students and staff.  The mission of operations is to maintain a safe and clean workplace and the job is completed using safe work practices.



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District Business Services

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