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Notice: LTE Tower Update

  • Due to federal mandate, KCOE is undergoing a complete equipment replacement of the existingKingsNet LTE network. This endeavor consists of the following phases:
    1) New Equipment Installation on Tower
    2) Cutover to New Equipment/ Retire Existing Equipment
    3) Optimize New Network for Maximum Performance
    4) Network Upgrade Complete

    Phase 1 is 100% completed. All 16 LTE locations have been populated with the new system.

    Phase 2 is approximately 70% completed with the following locations on the new system:
    *Kettleman City
    *Kit Carson
    *Pioneer Middle School
    *Earl F. Johnson
    *Lincoln Elementary
    *Simas Elementary
    *Mark Twain Elementary

    The proposed schedule for the remaining sites is as follows:
    *Parkview (1/19, 4:00pm)
    *Island (1/20, 4:00pm)
    *No Upgrade (1/21)
    *Corcoran (1/22. 4:00pm)
    *Lemoore Service Center & Engvall (1/23, 7:00am)

    Close proximity to each other dictates that they be migrated simultaneously.

    Once all sites confirm operability on the new system, Phase 3 will begin. Once underway, this phase will take approximately 2 weeks to complete as network-wide adjustments will be made to optimize performance and user experience. During this time, users can expect to experience periodic network degradation while adjustments are made. In order to minimize class disruption for Kings County students who are learning remotely, care will be taken to make adjustments during non-school hours. Users can greatly help in this effort by eliminating or minimizing use of non-school resources and applications, such as Gaming Consoles, Video applications such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Fire Stick, ROKU, and APPLE TV devices during school hours. Kings County Office of Education’s mission is to Support Student Learning, and anything you can do as a user to assist in that effort is greatly appreciated.

    Phase 4 is expected to be reached by February 1 st . All efforts will be made to complete network adjustments as soon as possible. We are now entering our second consecutive school year that has provided us unique challenges to the way we are accustomed to teaching our students. Part of that is finding new and innovative ways to provide our students the resources they need that will allow them to have the best learning experience.

    To emphasize what you can do to help all of Kings County students :
    Please eliminate or minimize use of non-school resources and applications, such as Gaming Consoles, Video streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Fire Stick, ROKU, and APPLE TV during school hours.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): We're committed to our Customers, Employees and Community

  • To our KingsNet Customers,

    Our Office is open. We are doing our best to accommodate each one of our customers. We are following the CDC’s recommended guidelines to keep our employees and customers safe. In addition, we are taking the following precautions with our employees: We require our customers to wear masks or facial coverings, we encourage you to wash/sanitize your hands before coming into our establishment, and most importantly please stay at home if you are feeling sick. All employees will be conducting a daily health assessment before entering the building. All Help Desk employees are required to have a face mask. Employees will sanitize and disinfect shared surfaces frequently. To ensure employees and customers maintain distance, we will be placing decals on the floor to direct traffic flow, a limit of two customers in at a time, and we will not be allowing customers to use shared common areas such as bathrooms. We have also provided a contact-less payment slot, at our main door. (envelopes are provided) We are carefully monitoring the situation. The most important thing is to make sure we conduct business in a safe environment. If you have specific questions not addressed here please feel free to reach out to us or on our email at and/or by telephone 559.589.7030.

    We look forward to seeing you,

About Us

  • KingsNet is honored to provide Kings County students and their families with safe and reliable High-Speed Internet. Supporting our community to achieve a higher education is our main priority. We strive to inspire ongoing success in the classroom and further extend a positive learning environment at home enriching the lives of all our users. You are eligible for an Internet account through the Kings County Office of Education if you meet one of the following criteria:

    • PreK-12 student or staff in a Kings County Public or Private School
    • You are a paid employee of a Kings County Public or Private School
    • County of Kings Employee
    • Teachers/Substitute Teachers or KCOE Retiree
    • Public School Board Members
    • Island School District resident
    • You are a graduate of a Kings County High School and are attending college


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