Picture of Burris Park from the amphitheater.

About Burris Park

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    Burris Park occupies the former territory of the Nutunutu, a tribe of the southern Yokuts.

    In 1924, Burris Park opened to the public to honor the legacy of David and Julia Burris. They were one of the earliest settlers of Sonoma county where Mr. Burris would become a respected businessman and assist in opening three banks. The Burris family would later move to Tulare county and become successful cattle ranchers, acquiring 5,000 acres of land. The Burris children would donate 57 of those acres to Kings County for the park. Oak trees, barbecue pits, dancing platforms, and play equipment were installed for the enjoyment of the community. The park hosted weekend picnics, sports games, club activities, family reunions, and more.  

    In 2005, the park was slated for closure due to county budget constraints. A local group of citizens came together to create the Burris Park Foundation, a 501c3 organization established to save the park and develop an outdoor education program. Curriculum was created and excursions were offered to schools. In 2015, the Foundation received an endowment from the estate of Donald Souza which provided funding to further expand the Outdoor Education Program. Mr. Souza made the program accessible to all students by covering admission prices and reimbursing transportation fees, creating a cost effective experience for Kings county schools.

    Our Vision

    To build a healthy and harmonious relationship with the outdoors that 
    develops a sense of curiosity and stewardship of natural spaces.

    Today, the Outdoor Education Program is a joint effort between the Kings County Office of Education, the Burris Park Foundation, and the Kings County Parks Division. Together, they provide an equitable and relevant program for students to explore natural phenomena and engage in their local outdoor spaces. Students spend the day immersed in nature and conducting investigations that connect local, real-world situations to classroom instruction to develop a greater understanding of the environment.

    Lessons are unique to each grade level and aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards to develop mastery towards performance expectations.


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