• Kings Art Center Programs


    These programs are exclusively available for Kings County students through a partnership with the Kings Art Center to provide IVC programs to students in Kings County. Program dates are predetermined and offered thorughout the year. Teachers will be able to select from the following start times: 8:30, 9:45, 11:00, 1:00 and 2:15.  Each program is 60 minutes in length. The individual school site is responsible for providing the art supplies for the program. Each class is $50, you may utilize ADA funds to participate. To sign up for an art program please visit Utilizing KCOE ADA Funds.

    Click on the project names below to see lesson plans and material lists.

Class Descriptions & Materials

  • Happy Cactus - All Grades

  • Pop Art Hearts Holiday Special- All Grades

  • Snowman Ice Cream Cone Holiday Special- All Grades

  • Scarecrow Holiday Special- All Grades

  • Day of the Dead Holiday Special- All Grades

  • Still Life Gr 7-8

  • Zentangles Starburst Gr 4-6

  • Geometric Art Gr 4-6

  • Shape Pop Outs Gr 4-6

  • Sunflowers Gr 4-6

  • Eerie Road Gr 4-6

  • Jellyfish Gr 3-6

  • Sea Stars Gr 2-8

  • Zentangle Heart Gr 1-3

  • Muted Cityscape Gr 1-3

  • Birch Trees Gr 1-3

  • Whimsical Trees Gr 1-3

  • Primary Popsicles Gr 1-3

  • Butterflies Gr K-3

  • Seasonal Owls Kindergarten