• Agriculture Programs


    Our agriculturural programs are available on various dates throughout the year. The teachers participating will select from the following available start times: 8:30, 9:45, 11:00, 1:00 and 2:15. Each program is 60 minutes long and materials such as cow feed and raw cotton lint, will be delivered to your school site for the students to utilize during a hands-on activity during the IVC program.


    Click on the links/titles below to see lesson plans and pre and post lesson activities.


  • The Journey of Milk Gr K-5

    Students will learn about the importance of proper nutrition and digestion as it relates to the dairy cow. Concepts such as lactation and pasteurization will be discussed. Students will learn about past and present milk processing methods and determine how milk travels from the cow to the carton in the grocery store.

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  • The Wonder of Cotton Gr 2-5

    Students will determine the growth requirements for a cotton plant, identify the various cotton plant parts and review the important process of photosynthesis. The role of a farmer and pest control adviser will be discussed in relation to the cotton plants and their health. Students will learn about past and present cotton processing methods and witness how cotton becomes the fabric we use every day.

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