Utilzing KCOE ADA Funds

  • The Kings County Office of Education (KCOE) will continue to provide funding for schools in Kings County to participate in interactive video conferencing (IVC) programs. IVC programs provide students with an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and enjoy engaging, educational and interactive experiences they may never be exposed to, without having to leave the classroom.

    • Every school year, money is set aside specifically for video conferencing. Each school DISTRICT is given a certain amount to use towards video conferences.
    • The amount allotted is based on average daily attendance (ADA).
    • From September-November 15th, each district has access to only its funds.
    • As of November 15th any unused funds are put into a “general fund” from which any school can use. Funds are allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis.
    • Nearly every school should be equipped with a camera. If not, KCOE can assist in acquiring the necessary equipment.