Technology Options

  • Polycom --- This technology can be utilzied to connect to the KCOE studio. In the confirmaiton email from ScheduleOnce and on the google calendar the indiviudallized conection information can be found. 

    Zoom --- This is the method KCOE and CILC utilizes. To use zoom you'll need a laptop or desktop set up. You can either use an all in one camera, microphone and speaker that is attached to your device, utilize the built in options on a laptop or connect a microphone, speaker and camera individually to a desktop computer. You must be able to project the image from the computer onto a large screen or whiteboard so that the students can see the presenter. Face the camera towards the students so that the presenter can see them. To connect you will click on a the link that is sent in the confirmation email from ScheduleOnce or on the google calendar.