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  • Kings County Office of Education's GROW Intern Program is an accredited teacher preparation program for individuals seeking a Multiple Subject or Education Specialist (MMSN or ESN) teaching credential. This program offers an alternative pathway to earning a California teaching credential while gaining relevant, practical, and first-hand experience as the primary educator in the classroom. The GROW Intern Program is a 2 year program where candidates teach in their own classroom, while earning units; earn a teacher's salary and benefits; and attend classes two times a week in a synchronous, online learning model. Intern candidates receive weekly mentorship from site mentors and fieldwork supervisors, feedback from course instructors, and support from cohort peers. The GROW Intern Program provides structured support for the RICA exam and the CalTPAs through the courses and academies. New cohorts begin in August of every year.  

    Prior to becoming an intern, all candidates must complete a minimum of 120 hours of foundational or pre-service coursework. The GROW Pre-Service Program offers rigorous preparation in general pedagogy including classroom management, reading and language arts, subject specific pedagogy, human development, and specific content regarding the teaching of English Language Learners and students with additional support needs. Pre-service candidates attend synchronous, online classes three times a week. The GROW Pre-Service Program offers Spring sessions that begin in January and Summer sessions that begin in May.

    Pre-Service Program Requirements

    • Hold a Bachelor's Degree
    • Meet the Basic Skills Requirement through coursework, exam, or a combination of coursework and exam. CL-667 
    • Have a valid Certificate of Clearance or equivalent on file with CTC (sub permit, PIP, STSP, etc)
    • Attend an informational meeting to learn about the program
    • Meet with the Program Coordinator to determine eligibility

    Intern Eligibility Requirements

    All of the requirements listed above plus:

    • Successfully complete pre-service coursework from an accredited program
    • Meet the Subject Matter Competency requirement through exams, coursework, a combination of exams and coursework, or a qualifying academic degree major-Subject Matter Requirements
    • Meet the U.S. Constitution requirement (verified through transcripts)
    • Provide receipt of an offer of employment as the "Teacher of Record" from a participating district. (Employment must be at least .5 Full-Time Equivalent in the established credential area.)
    • Attend an advisement meeting with the Program Coordinator to determine eligibility

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