• Kings County Board of Education

    The Kings County Board of Education establishes the mission and primary objectives for the Kings County Superintendent of Schools and ensures that activities and programs remain focused on the goals identified within the California Department of Education educational rules and regulations. The elected trustees oversee the county office budget, standing rules and bylaws, reviews policies, goals, objectives and resolutions and receive reports and updates on programs and organization operations.

    Through its role of long-range policy development and other critical functions, the board works with the Kings County Superintendent of Schools and staff to offer the most effective educational programs and district support services. The Board also encourages the involvement of families and communities and is a vehicle for citizen access to communication about Kings County Office of Education's programs and services.

The Ralph M. Brown Act


    Brown Act California legislation adopted the Brown Act, commonly referred to as California's "Open Meeting Laws" in 1964.
    The Brown Act is essentially a body of rules designed to ensure open government and fairness. The two most common sets of additional rules are the California Public Records Act and the rules governing ethics in public service. These rules ensure the business of public agency meetings, held in both open and closed session are in compliance with Open Meeting Laws.

    The Legislature periodically makes substantive and technical changes to the Brown Act. The most recent amendment occurred on November 4, 2014, by mandating compliance between The Brown Act and the Public Records Act. This amendment requires the votes of individual board members to be publicly reported. The purpose of the legislation is to provide greater public transparency by legislative bodies such as school governing boards.

County Boundary Map