• County Committee on School Reorganization

    There is in each county, a county committee on school district organization per Education Code §4000. The county committee is the local initiator, coordinator, analyst, facilitator and arbitrator for the reorganization of school districts. It formulates plans, responds to petitions, conducts public hearing, develops and releases information and analyzes proposal throughout the approval process of reorganization. For petitions for transfers of territory, where state approval is not required, the county committee gives final approval or disapproval as authorized by Education Code §35709 and §35710, subject only to appeal to the State Board of Education. The county committee also establishes or rearranges governing board trustee areas as required in accordance with Education Code §1000.

    Specific to Kings County, the County Board of Education serves as the County Committee on school district organization by order of the State board of Education. The County Committee oversees petitions for:

    • Petitions for transfers of territory
    • Reorganiation of districts, (i.e., unifications, separation)
    • Establishment of trustee areas

    The Kings County Superintendent of Schools is required to inquire and ascertain whether the boundaries of the school districts withing Kings County, in addition to community college districts are definitely and plainly described in the records of the county board of supervisors, and to maintain a full and correct transcript of school boundaries.