• Trustee Area 3:


In Memoriam

  • Over Memorial Day weekend, Kings County lost a pillar of our community when Mike Robinson passed away.  Not only does he leave behind a legacy of service that is an example for us all, but his dedication, commitment and generosity will reverberate with the many lives he affected.  We were lucky to know him and he will be dearly missed.  

    As a Kings County School Board member since 2014, Mike was a champion for all students, especially in the areas of literacy, special education and career education.  His desire to ensure every student’s success lead to the inception of the Evidenced Based Literacy Initiative (EBLI) that is present in many of our schools today.  As we continue the to work to provide for our students and our schools, we are comforted to know that his legacy will endure.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.  



    Todd Barlow, the Kings County School Board and the staff of Kings County Office of Education