Foster Youth Services Coordinating Program

Foster Youth Legislation

  • AB490/AB1933

    Foster Youth Education Rights (E.C. 48853)

    AB490 (effective January 1, 2004) and AB1933 (amended E.C. 48853.5 in 2010) imposed new duties and rights related to the education of California's foster youth population. The law ensures foster youth have access to the same academic resources, services, extracurricular and enrichment activities available to all students. The law promotes school stability, timely transfer of records and protection for grades and credits.

    For more information, please see:

    AB 490 Summary

    California Foster Youth Education Law Fact Sheets



    District Graduation Requirement Waiver for Foster Youth (E.C. 51225.3)

    AB167/AB216 is a law (enacted in 2010 and updated in 2013) that MAY allow eligible foster youth to be exempt from having to meet additional district graduation requirements and instead, can earn a diploma by meeting California state minimum graduation requirements. Contact your district liaison for the AB 167/216 Graduation Waiver.



    Suspension and Expulsion Notifications (E.C. 48853.5, 48911, 48915.5, 48918.1)

    AB1909 is a law that requires districts to notify the appropriate representative of the county child welfare agency, the child's attorney, and the child's education rights holder of pending expulsion proceedings.

Foster Youth Services Coordinating Program

  • Mission:
    To improve educational outcomes for students placed in foster care through innovative educational support.

    Our vision is that every foster youth in Kings County receives the support and services for educational success.

    To improve academic achievement, help improve school attendance, and remove obstacles preventing timely and appropriate educational placement due to residential placement changes.

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